Global Azure Bootcamp 2019@Sapporo

We held a hands-on and gave a talk about “App Service” in “Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 @ Sapporo” held on April 27th.

What is Global Azure Bootcamp

Global Azure Bootcamp is a community event of Microsoft Azure organized by Azure communities all over the world at over 180 locations.

By the way, it was the first time held in Sapporo, and I also went to the organizers when I was aware of the participation of Global Azure Bootcamp itself for the first time. I was in charge of the hands-on in such a feeling on the day.

Follow up

In this article I’ll follow up on points that I could not tell on the day.

Seesion: I see! Azure and AppService on the end of the Heisei

I was able to have a session about App Service, and explained it to beginners, people who regularly use other cloud services such as AWS.

Importance of having a wide choice, not exclusive

There are various cloud services (AWS, Azure, Sakura, Alibaba, etc.) in the world. The presence of a variety of cloud services brings competition, but also gives engineers a choice. First of all, we need to realize that there are a large number of options.

These cloud services each have characteristics , but in fact there are a lot of similarities. In particular, the point of launching a virtual machine (EC2 or Azure VM) is very similar to the concept of security group.

Conversely, there are many “differences” in the service lineup provided, and in the case of Azure, there is a tendency to focus on PaaS services. (For IaaS and PaaS, please refer to the description on the slide “Shoulder”)

App Service is a service that takes over all the execution environment of the web application, but similar services do not exist in AWS and Alibaba Cloud so far (though Beanstalk is similar a little).

In the case of engineers who only deal with AWS, there is no option of “full managed execution environment of Web application”. In other words, if you have knowledge about other cloud services, not only Azure, you will be able to obtain optimal solutions using different cloud services, not exclusively.

The key here is “not exclusive” . I often visit the Azure Network, but in practice I also use other cloud services such as AWS and Alibaba Cloud. We are not always exclusive, and have all the options, thinking “What is the best answer for customers?”

Because it is “Azure is “, it is written on the slide as “Azure is also “.

Handson:App Service(WebApps)


There are two ways to deploy to Web Apps, and there are two ways to “deploy code” or “deploy Docker container”. The Docker container can be used with Web Apps for Linux (select Linux when selecting the OS). When using a container, you can choose Docker Hub or Azure Container Registry as the source. Use Container Registry which can prepare a private environment for business use.

When deploying source code as it is, there are the following methods for deploying (transferring) source code.

  • GitHub repository
  • Bitbucket repository
  • FTP upload
  • local git (Web Apps prepares git repository)
  • Azure DevOps

Whichever deployment method you use, it is the correct answer, but you can improve the accuracy of the correct answer by thinking about the usage (hobby, business) and the user who actually deploys.

For example, if the developer does deployment until deployment, it is better to use local git and Azure DevOps, conversely the person who operates is the person who is not the developer (person who does not do coding) I think that deployment by upload is the best.

Please judge based on the actual operation here. Also, keep in mind that git deployment is not the only justice .

Reflections and improvements

I was able to find the following improvements, especially in the hands-on. After all hands-on is difficult.

I did not consider how to use git

I was planning to deploy code for Web Apps, but I did not assume that “the participants are not using git normally”.

Coding was not the main purpose, so example code was provided on GitHub, but git can be used That was the premise.

Since some of the participants on the day did not use git normally, it would be better to put the usage of git in the slide first if there is a next opportunity.

We did not take a preliminary survey

In this event, Connpass did not use participant attribute information (what kind of work do you usually do, how do you use git, etc)?

I felt that it was useless to prepare for a hands-on by taking a questionnaire in advance. Let’s do it next time.

Direct to next

Based on this reflection point, we will continue our efforts to make the next session and hands-on better.